Sunday, September 9, 2012


So a few weeks ago I asked you guys if you were interested in a video about my cleaning routine.
I found a cleaning schedule on Pinterest and have stuck with it ever since!
I finally made the video for you all and I hope you find it informative. 
What is your cleaning schedule like? Any tips for me? 
Let me know below!
I've also attached a cleaning calendar that you can print off and have up in your home!

I've also attached a link to the new video :)
Hope you are all having a great Sunday!

GET PDF version HERE



  1. I don't have a youtube account, so I thought I would comment here :)
    I live in Davis County, and was so excited to find your youtube videos! You are so fun to watch and I have loved your tips and pregnancy videos. I commented on your instagram a few days ago, but Shane and I are 6.5 months pregnant with our first baby, so watching your videos has been heaven-sent ;)
    I LOVE to clean, and I thought your tips were fantastic! One thing I love to do is clean my shower about 2 times a week. I keep the Target brand tile and shower cleaner in my shower (it is a non-toxic type) and when I am done showering I spray all of the walls and door and simply squeegy them down. SO easy and SO simple, but my shower is always clean and never shows spots or mildew.

  2. I'm sooooo going to make one for myself and make a video about this on my blog. This is great for single moms as well. My blog is I will reference you :) Thanks for the idea!