Thursday, August 18, 2011

What To Bring In Your Hospital Bag

I have received multiple requests to do a video on what to bring to the hospital.
You can check out my video

This is also the list I promised you I'd provide in my video of all the items.
Let me know if you would bring anything else!!!

1. Toiletries
2. Lip Balm
3. Breathmints
4. Entertainment: DVDs, Music, Laptop
5. Nursing Bra
6. Nursing Pads
7. Comfy Clothes: Pjs or Robe
8. Oops skipped this one :)
9. Socks
10. Going Home Outfit for Baby
11. Going Home Outfit for YOU!
12. Pads
13. Camera
14. Car Seat
15. Paperwork
16. Snacks for hubby

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I'm back everyone!!!
My little family and I just got back from beautiful San Diego last night.
I was sad to leave but I'm definitely happy to be back into the routine of things again.

We took a TON of pictures and I learned a lot about how to travel with a 9 month old. 
Stay tuned for upcoming videos because I'll definitely be sharing it all with you!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!